Who Is Azeroth's Brotherhood?

We are a casual World of Warcraft raiding guild. We are a progressive guild always looking to increase our ranks.

We are a group of players looking to help one another in our quest for progression. If you want to join our ranks, check out our recruitment page. Members please make sure to register on the website so that you can access the features of our site as well as the forums. Accounts will need to be verified.

We are heroes. We are adventurers. We are brothers and sisters fighting side by side to conquer our enemies. We are Azeroth's Brotherhood.

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xx backup schedule and calendar

March 10, 2014, 06:39:31 PM by emonejordana
here is the physical calendar I will be using for backup scheduling

*schedule is being re-worked, update coming soon*
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xx Azeroth's Brotherhood T17 Raid Requirements

November 24, 2014, 09:59:58 PM by emonejordana
TL;DR at bottom, but I encourage you to read this :)

Alright folks, we are 1 week away from going into highmaul, the first raid instance of the expansion. Who is excited? I am . I am basing these requirements off of what I see most of the raid team already accomplishing.

Lets get right to it; requirements. These are going to be the REQUIREMENTS (not suggestions):

Gear - You will be expected to come with an ilevel of at least 630, with very limited (the goal is none) questing greens/blues/purps. Expect to have your 680 ilevel legendary ring, most of the raid team already has theirs.

Optimization - you will be expected to have your gear enchanted, gemmed, and properly suited for your role (no bonus armor on non tank specs with the exception of gladiators... if its optimal, no spirit as a dps, that sort of things) wear gear suited for what you will be doing in raid.
Voice utility - You will be expected to have mumble installed and ready to go at the time we start the raid. We will not wait. If its not installed, we will move on without you.

Addons - yes, I will be requiring addons. Only 2, "DBM" (bigwigs and voice encounter mod are acceptable as long as they are up to date). And "GTFO". Have both of these installed AND UPDATED ON DEC. 2ND(I literally mean to update it right before raid, there will likely be an update with bug fixes that night)
Buff preparation - you need to have your flasks, potions, and buff food ready PRIOR to starting. We are still providing most of these in the guild, but you will want to get them BEFORE raid. If you dont have access, ask anyone of the higher ups in the guild. (shauna is a particularly helpful person to ask for help in this regard, she will set you up real good)

Attitude - DO NOT COME TO BE NEGATIVE OR TO COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS. We have 20+ people on the roster at any given night. I am organizing this raid as a product for my friends to play the content provided to us. I plan to make it nothing but positive and a good time for us as a group. Feel free to use any of the extra mumble channels if you are having a particularly bad time with something and need someone to talk to. We are all friends and sometimes friends need to support friends, but lets not do it publicly in the main raid channel in mumble or in /i. Feel free to talk it out privately  Also with that, I am an admitted blizzard fanboy. If you start complaining about the game (of any blizzard franchise) to me, Im going to defend it and blizzard's decisions, just know that!

Know your class/spec - Make sure you are not just getting gear, but learning your class. Read up, watch some videos, watch a stream. Dont just hit 100, get the gear you need and think you are prepared. Gear doenst mean anything if you dont know how to use it properly. After a short grace period (a week to two), if you arent keeping up with the rest of the group, number wise, we may need to drop you to backup or bench. Our main raiding spots will go to those that put the most effort in. I am also VERY lenient on this, do not expect any sort of rage or talking down, Im not here to make people feel bad.

Know the rules - This is simple. We run a very relaxed raid in comparison. Dont be elitist. Dont call people out. We keep it pretty PG-13 (no drug, illegal talk, no racism or bigotry, and we generally shy away from religious and political talk). NO DRAMA (even though we all work hard to play this game, it is still juat a game and will be treated as such) be on time and ready.


#1; be on time. I will not be offering grace periods to start. Make sure to be ready, with consumables, and gear optimizations at 9PM server. #2; As a general rule, I do not want to mess with composition once started. We will be starting with the group that makes it on time (within reason) and finishing with that group that night. Flex is going to help US with having spots for people. We will not use flex as an opportunity to have an open door policy during raid. Its too much work. Also, expect to stay the full time. If you dont think you can make the whole time, sit out. You will be expected to stay throughout the duration of the raid night. (there will be exceptions Im sure)


630 ilevel is the goal, with your 680 legendary ring. Optimize your gear. Have mumble. Have both DBM and GTFO installed. Bring your buff food/flasks/potions and any other consumable you use. Get ready to have a good time and READ THE RULES!
Last note: as tradition, we go into the first raid of every tier and "wing it". We look at the raid as a completely new experience and try the first boss with no research other than the dungeon journal. After the first night, the strat team will start coordinating strategies. I WILL TAKE SUGGESTIONS ON STRAT FROM RESEARCH/PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE AS SPOILERS AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. A first blind pull is special to me and I know others, please dont ruin it for us. Let us have our 1 night
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xx the day before the new expansion :D please read

November 11, 2014, 04:52:50 PM by emonejordana
Alright folks. We are 1 day away from release. I want to let you all know that while I am still waiting for content to bring me back to the game, I am ready to jump in the raid lead saddle again. From week 1, I missed it. I was and am VERY thankful for both Sang and Pert for giving me an opportunity to raid with y'all while not having to deal with the stress of maintaining a roster... But Im ready to start working. Over the next few weeks, expect some final changes to be made in guild, especially when it comes to the leadership roles (officers and the like. High Council members will remain second in command and will not change for the time being as there is no need to. You guys are still maintaining your roles as my go to people for advice in GUILD issues).

I will be talking to some people about having responsibilities and backups for me to help with this tier. My goal is to make this a smooth effort for me and to push more progression than previous tiers while still maintaining a casual atmosphere. Most of us play at a decent level and have the skills needed to progress. I will be selecting (personal selection, not volunteers) people that share the same level of commitment to the team(no more, no less), play at similar skill level or above, as well as shares a similar mantra of how seriously to take this game. I will be trying to make this small roster of "raid leadership" VERY exclusive and very small. If I can do it with just 1 or 2 other people, that will be the goal.

I know who I want and I know the roles I would like them to be responsible for. If none of them work out, I will be asking for volunteers (I doubt it will come to that) and choosing the best I feel for the role. Keep in mind that I am looking for someone I can rely on to keep it a light load on all parties. We are casual and will maintain casual. I will also be maintaining a VERY STRICT, NO DRAMA POLICY. We are adults, we have lives, this is a game and it will be treated as such. The goal here is progression for the group and I will make sure we do that. I will not be focusing on personal goals or personal progression of any 1 member. There is a good chance that people will be asked occasionally to do (or not do something) for the betterment of the team. This may mean changing roles, this may mean sitting out on a fight, this may also mean that if you arent performing up to par, you will be benched. In a nut shell, Im here to play a game and to maintain a team, not hear you complain about "you want" or "thought you should have". I will also say that nobody is held here and if you arent having a good time, you are welcome to find another team (with absolutely 0 hard feelings... again, its just a game). Im looking for people who play well and are looking to have fun, PERIOD.

Until we reach mythic, we will use the personal loot system (there will likely be exceptions). If there is an exception, we will have a set reason to change it and stick to that. There is a good chance we will have a situation that someone may need something on a fight, while the rest of the group dont need much. We may switch it to master looter and hold reserve on an item. THIS WILL BE DISCUSSED PRIOR TO PULLING AND ADDRESSED. Should we start mythic, I will discuss with who I feel I need to so we can take the best action for THE TEAM.

Do not take it personal if I do not ask you into special roles on the team. I will be having very specific reasons for asking the people I ask. This tier, I expect to have much less discussion before pulls. I will be trying to have a plan or strategy before the night starts and we will be sticking to those strategies until we succeed or until a better way is found. When the tier starts, I will have leniency on this policy as strategies will be limited at the beginning, but Im going for more playing and less talking about fights than previously. Research and discussion will happen before the night starts. Unless something obvious shows up, we will not be switching up strat mid night. If we fail, it will be up to the strategy team to see if there is a (definitive) better way for the NEXT night.

I will remind you all that our roster will be MUCH larger than ever before. We are already looking at almost doubling our roster next tier. After the first week of WoD, I will decide if we need to recruit more or not. I will be recruiting for casual players starting pretty much right away. I will take this time the remind everyone here that we are all equals here and considered as such. No single person is more deserving than the next here, and that includes me. Previously, I had made exceptions and had favored some folks based on previous loyalty, especially above myself. That is not the case starting thursday when it comes to the raid. Everyone will be treated equal here (except gnomes... they are the scum of the alliance, teehee). There will not be special treatment. This is the way it will go; if you fall behind on your class, don't keep up with the same level of personal progression, or dont keep up with attendance as the rest of the team, you will be benched or cut. If you are on the team, you are equal, PERIOD. If you are not considered equal (meaning you let yourself fall behind), you will not be apart of the team. You will be benched and given a grace period to get yourself caught up or we will cut ties in raid. That grace period will be at least a couple weeks, Im not a complete hard-ass .
Last thing. We are a team, remember that. This is about friendship, having fun, while being badasses. Those are the 3 requirements to consider you. If you arent a friend, arent having fun, and arent a complete badass at what you do, you will want to find another team  With that said, this is my guild, this is my raid. My enjoyment has always been to provide the best experience for my friends to play this game in an organized team. If I feel anything in the guild is hindering me from doing that, I will ask for it to stop respectfully or to leave the guild and start your own. Im mostly talking about other group content. DO NOT burn yourself out on other content or other teams. Im quite selfish when it comes to that and I dont hide it. If you are running something and burning out, I will ask for you to stop. If you decide to start another team(without discussing with me first), you will not be apart of the guild. And most importantly, during progression, WE are your team. I dont like to share and again, Im very upfront about that. I wont be working with lockouts of other teams. It does not matter how good you are, Im looking for loyalty first and have proven that in the past. If you feel that is something new for me, talk to me and I will be happy to provide examples of how this has been the case in the past, but here, publicly is not the place.

So, lets do this! We have 3 weeks to prepare. Our first raid night will be Tuesday, December 2nd at 9PM server. Who's ready? I know I am
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